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VTubers are virtually generated “animated YouTubers,” with most (but not all) having human voices. Vocaloids are virtual singers who have synthetically generated voices from computer programs. Vocaloid’s could also be used as a voice synthesizer software that individual users can create music with by putting in a backing track and giving the Vocaloid program a set of lyrics to sing. While technically not identical, both VTubers and Vocaloids are virtual music idols who perform for their audiences with the same intensity of any human artist.

Yes, the festival is open to people of all ages.

Each venue will have their food and beverage options open during the festival.

Yes, the first half of the show will be about 50-60 minutes, followed by a 20 min intermission, and the second half will be about 60 minutes, with a total run time of about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yes, if you decide to attend at the last minute, tickets will be available at the door.

If the show is canceled for any reason, refunds will be made by the promoters. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Yes, Covid-19 protocol will take place at every venue. Visit your venue's website to check what their procedures are.

Yes, the merchandise shops will be open during the International Anime Music Festival. It will feature a wide variety of options, including festival items and individual performer merchandise.